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UDC Opening milk price

The Union Dairy Company’s opening milk price has been announced at $5.80kg plus S.O.B. This price has been decided after reviewing other major factories opening figures and – in line with our model – finishing on a price that is...

Global Milk Markets

... with our trusted partner Louis Dreyfus Company AUSTRALIA Growth of milk in the second quarter of 2018 continued at the rates close to those seen at the beginning of the year and stood at above +3% over last year....

From rattle snakes to dairy cows

Milking rattle snakes to create anti-venom may seem a long way from the dairy industry – but for UDC’s quality and technical services manager Chiara Wachtel, it’s not that far away. “There are actually many similarities,” Chiara says. “Both industries...

A dairy fan from day one

When the dairy bug bit UDC’s chief operating officer Andrew Wellington, it had him for life. Born in northern Victoria, Andrew came from a dairy farming family and hasn’t been able to tear himself away from the industry for very...

International farming visit

A group of Canadian farmers visited The Midfield Group recently. More than 30 farmers came to tour our meat processing operation, pastoral properties and South Australian feedlot. The similarities between Australia and Canada led to the group comparing farming methods...

Half a century of mateship for Ormond and Colin 

Watching Ormond Howe and Colin McKenna share a cuppa and home-baked sponge at Ormond’s kitchen table, it’s plain to see the two have enjoyed plenty of laughs over the years.  “You’ve had more than one cup of tea with us,”...

 Vale Pat Smith 

It was standing room only at Pat Smith’s funeral just before Christmas. That hundreds packed into St Joseph’s Church in Warrnambool, standing when there were no more seats, is testament to the man who always had a big smile, heart...

New dairy operation named

UDC Brand TM Logo Lge
Midfield’s new dairy operation has been named The Union Dairy Company. Plant construction is well on schedule with operations to start in quarter two and milk flow to begin in July this year. The name The Union is synonymous with...

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