Our bobby calf procurement program operates to national standards and has the utmost focus on animal welfare. All transactions are recorded using NLIS devices, with information loaded to a central database. Our dedicated and focused procurement team are experienced in managing the purchase and transport of bobby calves.

We have four methods of buying bobby calves:

  • Farm to farm truck pickup;
  • Fixed point scales;
  • Public sale yards;
  • Over the hook sale arrangements, where vendors bring their calves to the plant.

Please call a buyer in your area to arrange farm pick ups.

Simon Bourke
Bobby Calf Coordinator
Nullawarre / Nirranda / Timboon
Camperdown /Cobden/Simpson
0427 145 686

Willis Mackrell
Tongala / Stanhope
0417 596 353
Jen Mackrell
0419 507 877

Tyler Dower
Port Fairy / Woolsthorpe / Purnim / The Sisters
0408 529 574

Simon Bourke
Colac Buying Centre
25 Ross Moyne Road
Colac West
0427 145 686

Shaun Beard
Mt. Gambier
0429 660 753