At the Union Dairy Company we are committed to providing a solid and secure dairy processing company that partners with local farmers to deliver quality Australian product throughout the world.

The Union Dairy Company has an annual processing capacity of 300 million litres of raw milk and began production in 2017. Located in Penola – in Australia’s prime dairy region – the purpose-built plant provides a state-of-the-art factory and is the newest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

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Why supply UDC

As a growing company focused on sustainability, in addition to local support we can offer partnering dairy farmers:

  • Smooth seasonal pricing and cash flow payments

  • Multiple monthly payments

  • Guaranteed minimum full year milk price

  • Competitive milk price

  • Buying groups to reduce input costs for feed/fert/electricity

  • No shares or investment required to get the best price for your farming system

  • Farm to your farm and get the best price for your farming system

  • Step ups are retrospective for all solids supplied

Our Product Range