Midfield Warrnambool Site Contractor Induction


To Begin, click this link:
Midfield Contractor Site Induction


Enter password:


Click Midfield Site Induction for Contractors


Click Login to Enroll

Click Register an Account




Create a Username (must be your email address), add your email and click Register



A password will be emailed to you that you need to change to your own. This is an example of the email. It will come from a noreply address, so if you don’t receive it please check your junk folder.

Click on the link in email and it will take you to reset password page


Enter a New Password and click Reset Password



Click login and it will take you back to Skillsbase Log In page. Enter username and password.



Click Midfield Contractor Site Induction


Click Midfield Site Induction for Contractors


Click take this course


This page will appear. Click on The Midfield Group, read and mark complete – repeat for each lesson.


Once you have gone through all lessons and marked each one complete then click on contractor induction questions


Click start quiz and complete all questions.



Once you complete all questions and get 100% click on click here to continue.


You MUST complete the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and press SUBMIT

Click mark complete and you are now finished the course.