The Midfield Group has grown from a small local abattoir to a significant player in the international meat export market.

Our team is continually working to expand our global markets, distributing quality fresh meat products to our international customers daily.  Product slaughtered in our Warrnambool processing plant today can be in Victoria’s capital tomorrow and on a supermarket shelf anywhere in the world the following day.

Halal Meat Processor

Midfield is an Australian Halal meat processor. We follow strict guidelines to cater to our Halal markets, producing primal meat cuts and associated red and green offals, in addition to our range of chilled and frozen carcase products.


Midfield produces a range of by-products which cover numerous markets and crucial initiatives. Our hides and skins are free from tick and brand scars. They are recognised for their high quality and exported worldwide for further processing and manufacturing. We also produce products utilised in cheese making, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, including cancer research.

International trading

Our Midfield International, Midfield Trading and Midfield Commodities arms cater for all international and domestic trading components, with a vibrant and progressive sales and marketing team keeping a finger on the pulse of markets all over the country and the world.