Midfield Commodities

Midfield Commodities is the Import/Export Trading division of the Midfield Group which is 100% Australian owned and operated.

The dedicated sales team has many years of experience selling Australian and International suppliers products around the globe to our diversified and growing client base. Over the last decade the business has continued to expand and now ships meat and associated products to over 50 counties on all continents around the word.

Midfield Commodities sells meat and by-products from many small and large meat processing facilities in Australia and maintains a strong commitment to the religious requirements of its clients, including the Halal sector.

As the trading arm of one of Australia’s leading meat processors, Midfield Commodities has the benefit of on-site boning rooms and Quality Assurance staff which ensures a superior product and service for the customer.

We have a vibrant and progressive sales team that is interactive with the various world markets (Including USA, Middle East, Asia Pacific Regions & Europe) and clients we sell too.