Quality Assurance Program

The team at The Midfield Group is proud of the quality products we produce; our produce is second to none. It’s no coincidence that international buyers seek us out in a heavily competitive market.

All our processing facilities are Halal Accredited.  We operate a strictly controlled, government-supervised Muslim Slaughter Program. We operate the region’s largest rendering plant, which operates under strict Government guidelines and is accredited with the Australian Rendering Association.

We understand our end customers are responsible for feeding their families, which inspires us to strive to provide the highest quality product every time.  We operate a Meat Safety Quality Assurance Program, which incorporates the international standard HACCP principles for the production of wholesome products for local and international markets.

Our quality assurance processes are regularly audited by the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service and Aus-Meat. We also operate a NATA accredited laboratory, employing qualified microbiologists to continually check our products and ensure we always provide the best quality meat products.

Ongoing and intensive training with staff at all levels of the production process ensures we maintain the highest standards at all times.

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