Our employees are the backbone of our company – without them there is no Midfield.

We employ 1500 people Australia wide and fully understand that without them it would not be possible to deliver quality Australian product fresh to the world daily.

We are an equal opportunity and multi-cultural employer with the bulk of our employees based at our Warrnambool operations. We offer our valued staff a distinct career path and reward initiative and effort, with many employees taking advantage of training and education opportunities to work their way into positions of responsibility within our Group.

The diversity of our operation means career opportunities are wide and varied, from processing roles through to pastoral, sales, administration, driving, droving, accounting, marketing, IT, retail, supervising and management positions – and of course more!

Our loyal employees combine their strengths and dedication to create a hard-working and enthusiastic team that is the backbone of our company. We are proud of our loyal staff and consider them our extended family.

Food Processing Traineeships

Carreer Opportunities

For more information regarding career opportunities at The Midfield Group, please call us on 03 5563 4444 or email recruitment@midfield.com.au

We have something to suit just about everyone.

Employee Testimonials

Adam Spence Processing Manager May 2021

Adam Spence

Processing Manager

When I was 15 I realised I wanted to be in the workforce. I had a meeting with the careers advisor at school who put me in touch with Midfield.

That was 23 years ago and now I am the Processing Manager in charge of 3 slaughter floors including 2 beef processing floors and 1 small stock floor. I have 5 supervisors working under me as well as a large multicultural workforce across all processing floors.

Every day provides different challenges and with all the new projects the company is always growing.

I enjoy working for a company that has a global reach where the opportunities are endless.


Melissa Toleman

Quality Assurance Officer

I started packing meat, then worked on the scales and was then approached to be a Quality Assurance Officer. I like the responsibility and the role fits with my skill set.

I’ve had substantial on-the-job training and education and I definitely see myself being here long term. There’s a distinct opportunity to progress here if you work hard and want to.


Ross Kenyon

Beef Boning Room Supervisor

School wasn’t one of my stronger points, so I couldn’t wait to leave at the end of Year 10 and begin working. Now, at 24 years old, I’m one of three people overseeing a key element of Midfield’s processing chain and a multicultural workforce of 85 people.

The best thing about this is there’s still more opportunities here – now I’m ambitious. I wouldn’t mind moving into a management role one day and that’s definitely a realistic aim because of the opportunities that exist here and the willingness from management to train and upskill their staff.

Amelia Kelly 1

Amelia Kelly

Export Sales

Export Sales at Midfield is a broad role, that involves me in every aspect across our supply chain. Whilst my key role is liaising with international customers, I also play a pivotal role in ensuring what our customers request, they are receiving. This involves working Internally with production and quality and External with warehousing and shipping partners.

Working with the Export team has lead me on several trips abroad, which is key to our strong customer relationships and ongoing sales.