Hides and Skins

All hide and skin products bearing the Midfield brand are produced wholly by Midfield at the company's Warrnambool plant.

We guarantee the quality of our skins and do not supplement with skins purchased through other suppliers.

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With a daily processing run of more than 1300 cattle, Midfield is able to provide consistent, year round supplies of drum-salted cattle hides.

All hides are cured, graded and packed to customer’s specific requirements at Midfield’s purpose built hide processing facility in Warrnambool, before being shipped to customers around the world.

Sheep and lamb skins

Midfield has the capacity to process 10,000+ lambs and sheep each day and from this we produce an extensive range of drum-salted lamb and sheep skins.

All skins are cured, graded and packed to suit customer requirements at our purpose built Warrnambool facility and then shipped to the required destination. Product is available for European Union and non-EU countries.

Calf skins

Bobby calves are processed on a year-round basis with heavier production between March and October, peaking in August and September.

Calf skins are sold on a per piece basis with a guaranteed average weight and graded into two weight ranges. All breeds can be graded separately.

All calf skins are cured, graded and packed at Midfield's purpose built Warrnambool facility before shipping. Most salted calf skins are shipped to European Union countries, however they can be shipped to non-EU countries.


Slink skins

Slinks are graded for size, with large measuring greater than 45 centimetres across the belly and small less than 45 centimetres.

After grading slinks are packed raw into shipping cartons and hard frozen.

Slinks are sold on a per piece basis with the majority sold for parchment leather.

Sales Inquiries

Phone: +613 55 634444
Email: hidesandskins@midfield.com.au