Our Goals

1. Protect the health & safety of our people

2. Promote a workplace culture built on strong Values

UN Sustainability Development Goals

Our People

Our employees are the backbone of our company – without them, there is no Midfield. We employ 1500 people Australia-wide and fully understand that without them it would not be possible to deliver quality Australian products fresh to the world daily.

Our loyal employees combine their strengths, knowledge, and dedication to create a hard-working and enthusiastic team that is the backbone of our company. We are proud of our loyal staff and consider them our extended family.

Health & Safety

The safety of our employees is our number one priority. We are committed to protecting our people and maintaining the highest safety standards in everything we do. We are continually reviewing health and safety actions to ensure every team member is able to work in a physically and psychologically safe environment.

Culture & Values

We embrace diversity and inclusion and celebrate what makes us unique. We are committed to the principles of human rights, equal employment opportunity, and the provision of a safe and healthy work environment. Our employees know and appreciate our business values. We are working to deliver learning at all levels generating a strong talent pipeline to enable us to deliver our strategic goals.