The Midfield Group prides itself on setting standards, a philosophy that keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

Streamlining processes and maximising productivity and quality are key elements in our aim to maintain our position as one of the Australia’s most efficient quality producers of red meat.

Innovation is a key component of our continuous improvement, with new and ongoing projects designed to enhance and protect your industry, your environment and your future.

Our Innovations

Robotic lamb cutter

The world’s first industrial robotic lamb cutter has been developed at Midfield to solve the dilemma around a processing role that was physically challenging. The robot has provided many OH&S benefits for our staff, as well as streamlining our processing methods.

Environmental Management Systems

We adhere to a number of environmental management systems which encompass the minimisation of greenhouse gas emissions, recycling waste materials and efficient energy use.

SARS chiller

A new storage and retrieval system at Midfield has created a safer, logical and quicker process for staff and product. The key upgrade allows meat to make its way automatically from the boning room to a motorized coolroom without human intervention.

Not only does the automated system takes the product from the boning room and put it away in order, it also sorts the product, holds it for a certain amount of hours and controls the temperature in the boxes.

The chiller holds 3008 cartons and ensures there is no break in the cold chain.