Union Station

As nature intended

The Midfield Group had a vision to combine the property of The Union Station with the rich heritage and superior growing conditions to create a superior range of free-range, hormone and antibiotic free, quality meat for a discerning market.

This family owned business’ progressive attitude purchased the property that was established in 1843 and has rejuvenated the Union Station to once again operate as an outstanding station. A passion for animal welfare, coupled with extensive farming experience and the region’s rich, fertile land, has led to the production of exceptional beef and lamb.
This is supported by the company’s ability to trace its product from paddock to plate, growing out its own stock on the clean, green pastures of Union Station before processing it at the company’s own plant and delivering a high-end product to the end user.

Now, just as Carmichael named his property Union Station, we bring you Union Station – a union between our many pastoral properties – and our premium brand of free-range grass-fed beef and lamb.

Union Station encompasses the finest quality premium beef and lamb, farmed to the world’s highest standards and hand selected for your enjoyment from the lush green pastures of Australia’s own Union Station.

It is exceptional Australian product, tender, juicy and just as nature intended.


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Australian Heritage


Free Range


Hormone & Antibiotic Free