Our Goals

4. Ensure our suppliers meet our standards for doing business

5. Increase the prosperity of our farmers and local suppliers

6. Pay suppliers in a timely manner

UN Sustainability Development Goals

Partners & Prosperity

The partnership with our suppliers and farmers is a relationship built around mutual prosperity and respect.

We expect our suppliers to meet the same standards for doing business that we have set for ourselves. This helps to ensure the quality of products we supply to our customers and that we can meet our sustainability goals.

We have implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct that all suppliers must agree to meet as a condition of doing business with the Midfield Group. The Code includes standards in a range of areas including, among others:

  • Legal compliance and ethical conduct
  • Human rights
  • Labour standards
  • Health and Safety
  • Wage and employment conditions
  • Quality/food safety
  • Animal Welfare
  • Environment

The Midfield Group is a proud supporter of the southwest Victorian district. Local farmers, contractors, and businesses form an integral part of our supply chain. As we have grown and prospered, so have the businesses around us.