Midfield Direct allows farmers to sell livestock directly to the Midfield Group. It ensures a healthy, long-term market, with continuity of supply and direct assistance to our farming community.

The initiative is used by 3000 farmers and is a natural progression from our pastoral investments. It provides farmers with the simplicity of one phone call to organise a free on farm pick up and freight of their stock, while providing protection from market falls.

We continue to invest and maintain a close relationship with more than 1200 farmers throughout Victoria and south-east South Australia who are partners with us in our innovative bull beef program.

More than 150,000 bulls have been successfully processed through this program, which is industry recognised and allows each animal able to be fully traced from origin to processing through the National Livestock Identification Scheme.

Colac Livestock Depot
Midfield’s Colac depot provides a convenient livestock buying centre for Midfield Direct customers in the eastern side of our Victorian catchment region. Operating since 2015, clients are able to bring cattle, calves, sheep and lambs to the depot, with transport to the Warrnambool processing plant then coordinated by Midfield. On-farm pick up and transport to the Colac depot can also be coordinated by Midfield. Open 9am-3pm on Mondays and 9am-12.30pm on Thursdays, please contact Simon Bourke 0427 145 686.

Online Booking

Please complete the online booking form to request processing of your livestock.

Midfield Direct Team

For more information about the Midfield Direct program please contact one of our livestock field officers.

Chris Huffadine


“I’ve been selling to Midfield for seven years and it works really well. It’s the simplicity of the process; a phonecall and that’s it.”

John Whitehead

Lower Heytesbury

“It’s just so convenient, you ring up and in a matter of two or three days the stock has been picked up. Pricing is competitive too, we wouldn’t go there if it wasn’t.

Kevin McVilly


“It’s the convenience that makes it so appealing; you’re busy running your farm so you want those type of jobs to be quick and easy.”