Midfield prides itself on consistency and superior quality, whether products are destined for a local butcher, top restaurant or international marketplace. As a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated company, all Midfield brands feature quality Australian produce. Australian product is renowned around the world for its delicious flavour and superior quality, attributes that come from the clean, green environment of our prime agriculture regions.

Union Station

As nature intended Union Station encompasses the finest quality premium beef and lamb, farmed to the world’s highest standards and hand selected for your enjoyment from the lush green pastures of Australia’s own Union Station.

Southern Grande

A cut above A superior Halal-slaughtered beef product that is lean, tender, juicy and full of flavour. Southern Grande beef is the perfect combination of taste and tenderness.


Standing the test of time Homestead beef is tasty, tender, lean and juicy. This halal-slaughtered range incorporates a variety of cuts recognised for their flavour and quality.

Merri Valley

Meat with distinction Merri Valley lamb sets the standard for superior Australian lamb products. Slaughtered using traditional Halal methods, it provides the perfect combination of tenderness and flavor





246 Beef & Lamb

Succulence from start to finish An extension of the renowned 246 chilled carcass brand, the new 246 Lamb Cuts are sourced from the pristine green pastures of Southern Australia. 246 products are HGP free and slaughtered using traditional Halal methods.


Midfield Meat

For more than 30 years the Midfield brand has been processing and distributing meat and associated products to local and international markets. Midfield supplies quality beef, veal, lamb and mutton, offal & associated products, as well as numerous international delicacies.

Meat Barns Australia

Quality meat at wholesale prices Meat Barns Australia is committed to providing you, the customer with the freshest, best quality produce at discount prices. Everything we sell to you is of the highest quality and prepared with the utmost hygiene.