The Midfield Group is a multi-faceted meat processing company built on solid farming foundations and embracing the values of life on the land.

It was the core values of life on the land, an eye for livestock and faith in the fertile farmland of south-west Victoria which prompted Midfield founder Colin McKenna to enter into an arrangement with a local abattoir to process his livestock and offer it for sale in Melbourne in 1975.

This original arrangement proved fruitful and when the opportunity arose to purchase the municipal abattoir in 1988, Colin took a punt on the business.

Expanding markets, community values

Located in Warrnambool, in the heart of Victoria's pristine Great South Coast region and one of Australia's prime dairying regions, Colin and a group of dedicated key staff have expanded the business to a company with multiple divisions which is a major player in the domestic and export market, with beef, lamb, veal, mutton and their by-products traversing Australia and the globe.

Despite the growth, the fundamentals have never changed. The Midfield Group is a self-sufficient organisation with complete control over its products from paddock to plate.

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As Managing Director, Colin still plays a hands-on role, purchasing and evaluating livestock. He’s even been known to pull on a hairnet and work on the processing line if required.

The key staff members who have seen the company grow from its early foundations are still here, and the next generation of the McKenna family are playing pivotal roles in the Group’s day-to-day running.

Photo showing a small herd  of young Angus (black), Friesian (black and white), Guernsey (brown and white) and Jersey (brown) in a particularly lush green field, following a few weeks of heavy rain.  At the bottom of the hill, the ground has become a little marshy, and the cattle seem to find this extremely long grass the tastiest.

100 per cent Australian owned and operated

The Midfield Group is 100 percent Australian owned and operated. It is a proud supporter of the south-west Victorian district, employing more than 1500 people largely from the region. We are involved in a variety of partner breeding programs with local farmers designed to cement supply and support local industry.

This relationship with the farming community and our years of experience mean you can always be assured of quality when you deal with Midfield.